Paper Jammed Problem - here some useful tips :
Have you opened your printer and looked for small pieces of paper that may have torn off during operation?
When you remove that pesky paper jam, there may be a small piece of paper still caught in your machine. When you remove the paper jam, make sure the entire page is there.
When you get a paper jam, do you find the page still partly in the paper tray?
  If your printer hasn't been serviced in a while, your paper feed rollers can become worn or dirty. This can lead to your paper slipping and causing a paper jam.
Do you use labels in your machine?
Printing on labels can cause many problems in your machine and your cartridge. If a label peels while still in the printer, it can leave glue throughout your machine. Always make sure that no label edges have been lifted up and never put half-used sheets of labels through your printer.
Are you aware that even the type of paper that you are using currently also can cause paper jammed ?
Different thicknesses of paper and specialty paper can often be the cause of paper jams. To determine whether the paper is the cause of the problem, try a new ream of normal 80 GSM paper and see if the printer still jams.



  You made your own decision, but we always here alternatives to help you save more on catridges :
What is the difference between original cartridges if compared to ‘refilled', ‘remanufactured' or ‘recycle'?
There are many types of cartridges that are available for your printers other than the often expensive genuine import. The cheapest are "refilled" cartridges. These cartridges are just refilled with toner and nothing else is replaced. Next are the "remanufactured" or "recycled" cartridges, where the cartridge is refilled and any imaging component found defective is replaced. Some parts may be used for a second or third cycle because they are specially designed "aftermarket" components capable of doing this without compromising on print quality. Lastly, there is the "compatible" cartridge, which every component that contributes to the quality of print is replaced. These cartridges sometimes contain recycled parts such as the outer plastic shell to decrease the amount of rubbish going into our landfills. Even Hewlett Packard and Canon do this and sell their cartridges at a NEW price.
How much money that you could save if you use these alternatives?
   These cartridges can save your company around 10%-60% compared to the imported genuine.
Are all the alternative consumables carried the same quality?
No! There are many small "back-yard" companies that do not have same strict quality control as the larger, more reputable companies. They are often inferior products that give the industry a bad name. Their defect rates can often exceed 25% or more whereas our internal quality control procedures ensure that we are one of the industry leaders in the supply of after market consumables.