Printer Services & Repair


Printer Repair Services Overview

In general many IT companies (retailer/reseller/system integrator/distributor) claims that they can provide printer services like we do but the truth is that they simply outsource it. We don’t, that is why we can DELIVER FASTER and at a LOWER PRICE.
Not forgetting we DO NOT CHARGED for diagnostic or cancellation. The reason are simple, we are confidence that our price is always lowest.

Our services are as below:

Standard Carry In
Standard Carry In - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

Our standard operation hour begins at 9am to 6pm, 5 days per week. Customers are free to drop in your printers and let us check it out for you. Here you may save some money and time.

Onsite Service Call
Outside Service Call - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

We provide on site service for printer diagnostics for corporate or government sector. We understand the inconvenient that people face in the office environment especially when there is dateline to meet while your printer is down. Call us and we will respond on site on same day or next business day to check or fix your problem.

Preventive Maintenance Contract
Preventive Maintenance Contract - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

There are some similarity between human and machines, they are require to be maintain and to be taken care so that they will be able to give the best when required anytime and anywhere.Let us carryout remedial preventive maintenance service for your printers twice a year and should there be any breakdown, you may call us and our engineer will be there on the same day or next business day. If we can’t fix it within a specific time, we will provide you a loaner so that your precious work will not be disrupted. In short, NO MORE DOWN TIME.

HP Care Pack Services
HP Care Pack - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

HP Care Pack Services are support packages that expand and extend standard warranties for HP hardware and in this case we are referring to your NEW printers or plotters. HP Care Pack Services are fully support by our partner and principle, Hewlett Packard Malaysia.

Epson Cover Plus Service Pack
Epson Cover Plus Service Pack - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

Similar to the above mentioned, you may expand and extend standard warranties for all NEW Epson products to another 2 Years with a reasonable sum. The Cover Plus Pack Services are fully supported by our partner and principle, Epson Malaysia.

Warranty Plus Program
Warranty Plus Program - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

Be it new or used printers, HP or non-HP, you may extend the warranty of the printers with a minimal premium. This is a joined programmed with a reputable insurance company in Malaysia. Please call us for the terms and condition for the program.