In Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd, we strongly recommend the usages of original printers supplies & consumables as they are specially designed to provide the best output and lasting prints without spoiling the printers. We sell only 100% original.

As for the alternative/compatible printer supplies and consumables, we only recommend the products that aretested, proven and are able to guarantee to provide similar quality from the originals manufacturer only. In other words, we only sell high quality alternative/compatible supplies only.

printers plotters supplies toner cartridge brand


Toner Supply - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

Toner is a powder used in laser printers and photocopiers to form the printed text and images on the paper.


Ink Supply - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

High color saturation,high fidelith.Ultrafiltration, no clogging caused.Eak acid or alkalescent formula, no corrosion problems.
No bleeding, no smearing, high print quality.Quick dry formula ,satisfaction at high speed printing.No enviroment pollution.


Ribbon Supply - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

Find the printer ribbons you've been searching…


 Paper / Media Supply - Printers Plotters Sdn Bhd

Producing various kinds of printing paper according to your request. Competitive price with high quality.

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